Sound Problems Tanoa

Sounds do not come from the server but from your local machine. You need to make sure that the configuration files for the weapons are not corrupt and are in the correct place.

All testing needs to be done without any mods.

First, validate your Arma files.
Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files (Although this post is using another game the steps are the same, just make sure you open Arma properties.)

Second, if that does not fix the issue, find out if it is a specific weapon or all weapons and report that back here.

I can only help if you are willing to follow the information I provide.

I have been able to reproduce the issue with my mods loaded. I will continue testing. For me, it is only occurring with some weapons.

Okay, still happening with no mods, I will reinstall the server at 1 pm ET today.

Is anyone else having issues? If so if you play on a regular basis, do you know when this issue started?

It appears that the issue is fixed. Please let me know if you are still having issues.

The server crashed on the 26th, and a file may have been corrupted. I reinstalled the server. My initial testing shows that the issue is resolved.

Yeah, the server is much loader with everyone firing at me, I am thankful for invinsibility while testing.

Still very much so an issue even after uninstalling mods and verifying files. Thanks.