Still cant join Zeus server still the standard mods

Not sure whats up. I would have thought the issue with mod versions would been fixed after naktac, but still cant join Zeus with all the mods it asks to load.

Anything dependent NATO_Rus_Weapons (which is about 8 suggested vehicle mods) cant be used still because of dependencies. And Ive removed all my mods and completely reinstalled them all so not sure what else it could be other then the mod on the server even almost a week later still wasnt updated possibly?

I am trying to still learn zeus but I would like to trying to use the exact mod list that NAK’s zeus would be using since I have no other plans using zeus anywhere else.

PS. also forum topic needs some spelling help ‘Sever Feedback General’ and I only posted the zeus issue cuz the other topics are listed as I&A specifically.

The Zeus environment and the NAK Tac environment or entirely different. It is true that we use the same server, but you need to consider them very different.

There is a list of mods specifically allowed as a player on the Zeus server, it is found in the Zeus forum under Zeus mods: On the Zeus server because it is public and the way the Massi signs his mods, we can not allow any Massi mod on the server. Which includes the NATO Russian pack.

As for learning to Zeus, while you are the Zeus you should have only the mods in NAK Zeus collection loaded. Also as a Zeus it is required that you keep up with anything posted in the Zeus>Zeus Regulations forum. There is a post that talks about the mods allowed while Zeusing

This only mod really required is:
Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion - Steam Workshop::Achilles

After a NAK Tac event, you also need to reload your server list, in the upper right corner, to refresh the mods allowed on the server.

okay thanks I’ll try that. as I said I was loading the mods the server told me to load… nothing special nothing extra just going by the suggestion list itself which is why I reported this cuz the server itself was saying hey you should be using this and this but clearly that isnt the case?

Ty for the collection link I knew it was around I just couldn’t find it.

Yeah, when I connect right after NAK Tac it normally still shows the NAK tac mods until I refresh or restart the launcher.

Yeah I understand that part, and been there tried it… this is why its confusing the hell out of me. example even after you telling me all this. I shut steam down, reboot my comp. restart steam and arma and I still get this…

As you can see NATO_Rus_weapons still being asked to load… but I got the current list mod list link so I just gotta remember to ignore some of the mods. Im wondering at this point if I should just clear my MP PBO cache and force a redownload of the mish PBO.

That is because some mods share keys between multiple mods. In the case where a mods shares keys, and we do not want player using one of the mods, we restrict the mod another way, with script restrictions. You have to refer back to the list of approved mods in the Zeus forum, those are the only mods allowed.

This is just one of those things with the way Arma works and the way modders sign their mods.