Strange Issue - Solved

I had an issue where any time I pressed a key on my keyboard my FPS would drop 20 - 30 fps.

I tried many things to fix the issue, updated drivers, removed ALL extra programs running, ran Arma in administrative mode, removed all overlays (Steam, Nvidia, etc), recreated my profile, and more… Finally, right before I was considerating reinstalling windows I read a post with a similar issue. They said they fixed their issue by removing BattlEye. Well, that’s not an option when playing on most multiplayer servers including ours, so I figured I would uninstall BattlEye and reinstall it. Low and behold that fixed the issue, at least for now.

So if anyone else is seeing a large, non-iternetent, FPS drop when pressing a key, you might want to consider uninstalling and reinstalling (validating files) BattlEye.