Stranger Things 3

For some randomness and stranger things fans out there… there were some parts I really liked in the new season but overall i was kinda disappointed, first 2 seasons were amazing and flowed smoothly, this new one just seemed too jumpy n rushed or felt like they tried to overdue it :confused:

:astonished: How about that ending. :astonished:

I was telling my wife i feel that they dragged on way to long first 3 episodes. Their was way too much happening to care about the emotional aspect of the story, the whole time i was like hurry up.

Personally, I would love another season where the kids are ground into young boys and girls the story can be whatever as long as they keep the same character aspects

Pretty much what tango said, first episodes dragged a bit as far as story and then last few were rushed, I felt like there was a bunch missing. Like did it ever even say how the Russians found out in the first place…?? Kinda important lol

Yeah they missed a huge plot point or intentionally inserted an enormous cliff hanger with the Russians, regardless i can see a season 4 being the origin story of how exactly they found out. Now, what are the odds hopper is the american in the cell. i also think he could of jumped into the upside down before the boom boom. :geek: