Suggestions for Altis:

Unarmed Hellcat copilot targeting lasers for long range precision small strikes coordination and a potential for unarmed hellcat and armed hellcat to work together
this addWeapon “Laserdesignator_mounted”;
this addMagazine “Laserbatteries”;

Purchasable NAK Shop Quadbike airdrop for RTB & or using to travel from boat HQs if Vortex is overwhelmed or understaffed and as usual if left alone it will despawn.

Attachable explosives for underwater vehicles lost during transport over water or downed aircraft/vehicle scuttling (only when entirely necessary), radiotowers, static emplacements (preferably just Cronus/Rhea spartan phalanx etc).

Just throwing things I found online as an example

This ones a just a pipe dream but a “submarine” that surfaces near the USS Freedom or in the gulf area with a VLS to launch a single purchasable Cruise Missile for say 2000$