Suggestions - Any suggestions about using this to discourage picking up enemy weapons.

"A script that punishes picking up unknown/enemy weapons by degrading their efficiency!
As a mission maker and player, it is generally known not to pickup enemy guns for multiple reasons, such as being able to ID enemies easier.
During my time playing this game I saw multiple ideas how to limit players form picking up enemy guns. Most revolve around the idea of just straight up removing guns and ammo from dead enemies or even enemy guns from a player’s inventory.
This would also means running out of ammo as a player with no other way to resupply then looting enemy or friendly corpses will render you defenseless. I’ve been in similar situations like these before and all I could do was hope my squad would not run out of ammo or some other squad would safe us.

So, I started thinking of a way to discourage players form picking up enemy weapons, but not outright remove the option for them.
As a solution I came up with a system which makes enemy weapons less efficient and still usable, but it comes with a risk.
In general, unknown weapons will be less accurate the more the heat up, they are prone to jam more then your starting weapon and reloading can fail, so you have to reload again. (This is to simulate longer reloading times as it is not possible otherwise in ARMA)
The earlier mentioned risk is that such an unknown weapon can have a rare fatal chamber failure when jamming and it will basically explode in your face and makes the weapon itself unusable.

By no means is this script meant to be realistic. For me it is a gameplay mechanic and I treat it that way as well. Thus, it is really only meant to be used in COOP missions as the unknown weapon list is global to all players!"

Hello everyone,

In general i can imagine this idea being great for many scenarios. However, on the NAK public servers, i kind of question the need for it.
Allow me to break down my my thoughts:

  • such as being able to ID enemies easier.

  • Let us not forget that we have all weapons available in the arsenal, so in general it takes more than just the weapon to ID units on this specific server. I have seen people in arsenal dress up as enemies, including using enemy weapons (AKs, etc…).

  • straight up removing guns and ammo from dead enemies or even enemy guns from a player’s inventory.

  • Since on this server stamina and weight limits are disabled, it is really hard to run out of ammunition. I as a sniper (mags are normally heavier and larger in size) go out in to the field with a minimum of 30 - 40 mags per mission. Even on my other load-outs like CQB, assault, etc… i have enough space for 2 weapons in my backpack and more than enough ammo for both. It is rare that I have a need to actually pickup an enemy weapon. Also let us not forget that due to the nature of this server, it takes like 1.5 minutes to re-spawn, get geared up again and paradrop to the same location as before.

About the usefulness, I can imagine that in some situations it might be lifesaving to have the option to be able to pickup a weapon and use it.

The idea as a whole though is really cool for a more stricter tighter environment. What would be cool is if weapons in general (including our weapons) would jam once in a while (like in ACE), that would add to the realism. Of course the formula should not be the same for all weapons in general. Some guns jam more often than others do, so this should be considered. I have yet to hear of a jammed AK :smiley:

So basicly can we get some parts/ideas from this script, instead of the whole thing as it is? :smiley:

However, one way to be sure of your idea Vileace, may i recommend that you just simply try it out on the server, and see how players react to it as well as to see the results. Worst case, you can always disable/remove that feature again.

I, in general am not against the idea, nor am I for it. My reasoning above comes for a 100% neutral point of view. Also due to the increase of lag, lag-spikes, FPS drops in the last couple of weeks, would this script have any additional negative impact on performance?

Please look at the forum we are in…this would be for NAK TAC only.

In my opinion ever since we got Alive and resupply crates put in the missions, there are no reasons to pick up other weapons because you ran out of ammo. Only ammo that I ever run out of is rockets but that’s rare because I barely use them. I haven’t heard of anyone running out of ammo completly either(with the people I played with). I can’t speak for everyone but in my opinion I don’t think it’s needed. But I mean if it doesn’t hurt the performance then sure go ahead.
Although I would say it could be very useful on the Zeus server, I see a lot of people taking enemy Guns when I’m playing/Zeusing, most of the times they do it because the enemy weapons is a lot stronger than theirs.

I have the perfect promotion video for this hahahahahahaha. But in all seriousness I think it’s a great idea and has me curious to try an enemy weapon even though I never use them.

My bad, pls forgive me.

In this case, the idea is great :slight_smile:

David_Wilson more players than you would think send time looking at and picking up enemy weapons. I could easily just delete the enemies inventory completely upon death, which would resolve the issue, but that would take away from the immersion and prevent players from picking up other equipment that might be needed for the mission, i.e. intel, explosives, etc. Obviously this script is not necessary, but if NAK Tac members cannot suggest any reasons not to use it we may give it a try.

I’m just trying to allow the members to have a voice in changes we make to NAK Tac.

While I understand the desire to deter souvenir hunting during a mission, I lean towards a dissenting view on the implementation of this additional mod. Rather than using a technical control (mod) to prevent the extended use of captured enemy weapons, I would suggest that it be an administrative control (unit regulation) enforced by NAKTac command.

In any situation where a team member’s primary firearm is rendered unusable, we should EXPECT that person to adapt and overcome. Regardless of how it occurred - catastrophic equipment failure or logistics overcite - they should use any means neccessary to continue the immediate firefight to assure the survival of themselves and their fellow team members. If that means low crawling to an enemy corpse during a firefight and looting it for ammo and an operational primary - medals and ribbons have been awarded for that kind of persitence under fire and it should not be discouraged.

Altering the mechanics of the game tends to detract from the immersion and realism. An enemy weapon isn’t any more likely to jam (than your original) the more it heats up. (ex. AK’s literally never jam) Proficiency with such a weapon is probably already going to be affected by the shear fact that it has some foreign optic or cheap sight on it. That’s a natural realistic penalty (no mod required)

I think that NAKTac command could simply make it a regulation to utilize only the tools provided in the Arsenal by the presiding Zeus; unless extenuating circumstances under combat duress require otherwise. And then in those exceptional circumstances they may only use other items recovered from the enemy until such a point that the unit doesn’t expect further contact, a re-supply crate is provided, or a re-supply point reached. An ACE report from the FTL should advise squad or unit lead that the original loadout/equipment of a team member was rendered ineffective or had to be temporarily replaced and a re-supply is requested. Team members must revert to a loadout option available in the arsenal or re-supply point as soon as such an option is available.

Just my opinion … I appreciate the option to give feedback.