Swedish Forces Pack - Denied

Date 04/23/2020
Name Joel Thorsten
Server Altis
Type Add
Name of Mod SFP: Swedish Forces Pack, & SFP: Finnish Forces Pack, & Global Mobilization Creator DLC.
Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable. Steam Workshop::SFP: Swedish Forces Pack (SFP), Steam Workshop::SFP: Finnish Forces Pack (SFP: FIN), Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany on Steam (GLOBMOB)
Reason to add or remove mod.
These mods (especially SFP:SE and GLOB-MOB) does not add or remove anything of value, only certain uniforms and weapons, similarly to 3CB and RHS. Global Mobilization: Creator DLC was allowed previously, but was removed for some reason.


Swedish Forces Pack is Denied. Not compatible with our servers.
Finnish Forces Pack is Denied. Restricted dependency.
Global Mobilization has been Approved.