Swim with any uniform

Hey guys, this mod enables a player to swim, and was updated today. Now, for me, I was able to join NAK #1, so it’s not restricted, but man did it screw up my controls/character movement.

After further investigation…And spilling coffee on my keyboard today, as well as my joystick/controller, I automatically assumed that was my problem and swapped both out for new ones. Problem persisted, and through further efforts, I realized my character looked like he was trying to swim. Then I remembered that the mod “Swim with any uniform” had been updated today, removed the mod, and boom, everything back to normal.

Anyone else have this issue?

Secondly, can it be fixed?

It’s a great mod as I’m sure a lot of you know…

I also had an issue with this mod. Upon starting Arma (tried in virtual arsenal & Nak Server) my character would not move properly using WASD on the keyboard.

If I tried to go forward the player would go backwards to the side, and also he would take out the rocket launcher equipped (if one was not equipped he would hold an empty position rocket). Could not switch weapons, crouch, prone or do many functions. Tried respawning didn’t work.

My character didn’t however look as if he was trying to swim just like Relic had. Strange issue that disappeared when I unloaded the mod.

P.S. thank you Relic for telling me this mod was the issue, I probably wouldn’t have guessed what the problem was

Thank you for the report, I’ll pass the patch classes along and test it in a few minutes. Will be re-approved and maybe that will fix it. For now just use survival fatigues.

After testing I can confirm that this mod is not working as intended. The mod’s creator is aware of the issue and is working on it. There’s nothing we can do on our end. I’ll test it daily and let you know if it starts working correctly.

hey there. my mod has not updated and is working fine with the pre update one on the servers, just letting you know

Thanks Michael :slight_smile:

Still not working correctly on my end. From the mod creator:

Phantom Hawk [author] 11 hours ago
Yep its the same on my end, not sure what went wrong I will try to fix it ASAP.

Update from creator:

Phantom Hawk [author] 2 hours ago
At last I have fixed the animation problem… but now you cannot swim with any uniform :frowning: I will have to do some more testing wish me luck.

Mod creator said he fixed it and it works fine on my end. I’m considering the issue closed.

Awesome! Well done.