Tac Tuesday 8 October 2019 Pics

Here just a glance of the end of this great mission on Tac Tuesday.

Cheers guys !

Couple from me too

Hornet221, any color mod by any chance ?

Cool graphics and colors on this pics of yours…


Many players use ReColor Steam Workshop::ReColor

Just be aware any images submitted using reColor are not eligible for the War Correspondence badge in TeamSpeak. Also NuTek, based on the images you submitted previously, you may be using a non approved mod. Please check your mods against our approved mod list www.naksquad.net/mods

Thanks for the observation VileAce. I have removed the Barret mod and also replaced the Blastcore mod I had for the Blastcore Standalone version allowed in the Nak Servers. Any other correction please let me know.

Never heard of the ReColor mod, downloading it right now, looks awesome.