Tactical landing in a blackfish on a hot LZ


For those that were there for it, figured I’d throw up the video I got. Pretty sure that’s the most people I’ve ever dropped off in a single blackfish run.

ya aint got your fish wings till you land it somewhere with rotors locked forward and you have no power cuz the EMP hit ya :slight_smile:

“Amazon Prime, Bro!” ← best comment

With those frames anyone can! LOL amazing!

HAHAHAHAH I laughed too hard

Good insertion… Although seeing how you were landing at 130 km/h surprised me. Well done.

As a small tip, while flying unarmed radar off would be your best option for the most time. Enemy air will target the first radar objective they pick up, problem being, with your radar the blackfish increases the detection range in 200%, which obviously means that if an enemy plane spawns in it won’t target anything else then you.