Tactical Practice Event 5/14/19

Attention NAK Community:
After seeing such a successful turnout and having a lot of positive feedback for our first two Tactical Practice Events we will be holding our third event on May 14th.

The event will be held on Tuesday, May 14th @ 8pm EST in our Malden Server. This will be an open event and all players are welcome to join.

It is highly recommended that you show up an hour prior to mission start to time for your briefing and team assignment. We will be practicing formations, tactical movements, communication, use of terrain and cover, how to advance/retreat, how to use the battle buddy system and much more. Please read below for requirements & details:

Date: Tuesday, May 14th
Time: Show time 7pm EST, Mission Start 8pm EST
Server: Malden #2 I&A
Teamspeak Channel: NAK Malden #2
Objective: Take Main AO with limited air or ground assets. You will be the boots on the ground. Players not participating in the event will be limited to side missions only.
Mod Listing: https://www.naksquad.net/mod-list/
You do NOT need all the mods listed, use what you would use on the normal I&A Servers.
We will NOT be using NAK Tac mods like ACE or TFAR.

Feel free to post below if you plan on attending. NAK, bring your best and I will see you at the briefing. Over and out.