Tactical Tuesday 6/4/2019

**Attention NAK Community:**We are at it once again! Tactical Tuesday Events on our Malden Server have had over 50 different players show up in only 5 missions! We average 20+ players per event and they typically last 2-3 hours so be sure to mark your calendar and join us, there is always strength in numbers! This is an open event and all players are welcome to join. Be sure to read mission details below:

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 4th @ 8pm EST (Show time 30-60 minutes prior for briefing, loadouts, and team assignments)

Server: Malden #2 I&A

Teamspeak Channel: ts3.naksquad.net > NAK Malden #2 > Tactical Tuesdays

Mod Listing: https://www.naksquad.net/mod-list/
You do NOT need all the mods listed, use what you would normally use on our I&A Servers.

Your Mission:
We will be broken down into Squad and Fireteams and move in to complete Main AO’s using tactical style gameplay. We will focus on communication, use of terrain & cover, advancing/falling back, the battle buddy system & much more!
Players who wish to play the event must be on Teamspeak. Players not participating will be asked to play side missions, priority targets & AA sites only.

We are always looking for experienced members to play as Squad and Fireteam Leads during these events. Click the following link for more info and reply if you would like to volunteer: https://www.naksquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1508&p=6061#p6061

If you have played with us before we look forward to seeing you again and if you haven’t had the pleasure of these Tactical Tuesday events we encourage you to join us! I’ll see everyone on the battlefield, Bandit over and out!