Tactical Tuesday Practice Event 5/21/19

Attention NAK Community:
It’s time for another Tactical Tuesday! We will be holding our 4th Tactical Practice Event on our Malden server. We are seeing plenty of interest with 20+ players each time and are receiving great feedback! This is an open event and all players are welcome to join. Players not participating in the event will be asked to play side missions, priority targets & AA sites. Be sure to read mission details below in its entirety:

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 21st @ 8pm EST
(recommend show time ~30 minutes prior for briefing/team assignments)
Server: Malden #2 I&A
Teamspeak Channel: ts3.naksquad.net > NAK Malden #2 > Special Event
Mod Listing: https://www.naksquad.net/mod-list/
You do NOT need all the mods listed, use what you would normally use on our I&A Servers. We will NOT be using NAK Tac mods like ACE or TFAR.
Objective: Take Main AO’s. We will be broken down into Squad & Fireteams and will be completing the AO using tactical style gameplay. We will focus on communication, use of terrain & cover, advancing/falling back, proper spacing, battle buddy system, insertion & extraction, & much more! [/i]

Be Warned! :twisted:
You will have limited air/ground assets. Taking the entire AO with just boots on the ground is a difficult & very rewarding objective. Plan accordingly & know that you will be up against heavy armor, light armor, enemy air, viper squads, sniper teams and other infantry. Teams should be equipped to deal with each of these threats.

NAK, bring your best and I’ll see you at the briefing! Over and out.

Haven’t been able to make the last two but will be ready to rock and roll tomorrow!

We missed you out there bud, definitely missed some good ones. I’ll fill you in tomorrow since we’re constantly changing tactics👍

Another Successful Tactical Tuesday! Our teams took a Main AO, Defended that AO afterwards, and pushed into another AO but got held back and were eventually overwhelmed by enemy forces. They held their position under heavy fire for about 20 minutes and eventually got overwhelmed. They sure put up a good fight and everyone is looking forward to another challenge next Tuesday!