Tactical Tuesday - Sept 2nd - 7:30pm EST on Malden

Tactical Tuesday Players,

We will be changing things up a bit with Tactical Tuesday’s but we will still meet the same place and time as every week, Malden #2 Server and on Teamspeak @ ts3.naksquad.net. Being on Teamspeak will be optional and therefore will not restrict anyone from playing the Main AO with the Tactical Tuesday Group. All players are welcome to join. We will still have the same objective(s) and work together to attack/defend the Main AO but won’t have a zeus available. I’ll be playing with you guys much more often, time for this fella to get his boots wet! This introduces plenty of variables such as no communications with pilots for CAS, Transport or Re-Arm and finding lone survivors to team up with along the way. We are the last soldier on the field with reinforcements dwindling.

We will still push on and complete the mission. With the skills everyone has shown over the past few months there is no doubt in my mind that we will complete the mission and do so with a smile on our face, empty magazines, a few band-aids and a good laugh at the end knowing we all made it home safe. The good old de-briefing bunker :laughing:

See you guys tomorrow!

-Bandit [Angel 1]

Tactical Tuesday is canceled until further notice. An announcement will be made shortly with more details.