"Tactical Tuesday" Volunteer


I am looking for a someone to be a designated Squad Leader for our “Tactical Tuesday” events on the Malden server. I would prefer to have someone who has been a Squad or Fireteam Lead in an official NAK Tac event (not mandatory), can read topography, plan and execute routes for multiple Fireteams, and has great communication skills. Multiple members may fill this role on a rotation.

The real question is… Are you up for the challenge?!

If you are interested in filling this role or have any questions feel free to post below or get in touch with me on Teamspeak.

I would be willing to take up that role if no one else wants to.

I do have to admit that I lack the experience when it comes to leading on Nak squad. I only assisted to two official, and one Tuesday event. I do believe I’ll have enough knowledge to lead a fire team properly, and would like to get an opportunity of trying myself in that role.

Being fairly honest most of my time on Naksquad was spent on the air, usually as transport, but if that is not available (No CAP units up) or so on, I fill in the required roles.

The only reason I am applying for this is my experience during those Nak events. I believe I would be able to come up with a decent (Maybe not better due to lack of experience, but certainly similar) plan and execute it properly with a single fire-team.

Cunningham was my fire team lead in one of the Nak Tac events and one Tuesday event, and I can certainly recognize his leading skills and situational awareness, he was not only able to watch over each unit but also had enough time to properly adapt in different situations changing the orders to the units accordingly as well as attempting to properly guide them at all times. If my opinion counts for anything, he’s certainly a very good candidate.

Thank you both for volunteering to take on such a big part of our Tactical Tuesday missions. I would like to talk to the both of you on Teamspeak sometime before the next event, May 28th, to give a more detailed briefing on these roles. Talk with each other and let me know a day and time when you are both available for your briefing. Keep in mind that we will all need to be in-game during this talk.

For anyone else who is interested in these leadership roles you are also welcome to join. Simply reply below or contact me on teamspeak to be considered.

Well— If you do need a Backup, I’m here. I’ve Fireteam led once. and Squad led once, on the Tac Tuesdays, I’ve attended 4 Tac Tuesdays, and 1 NAK TAC Open event. (I’ll also be johnny on the spot if you need a Fireteam Leader) I need more Experience and getting out of my comfort zone leading, I’d call myself a Leader in real life, but Online it’s a bit different.

Always here if you need another hand Bandit.

Ekin you can get with William and Cunningham to see what date works best for all of you.

If time zone differences or work schedules get in the way of us all being on at the same time we can split the briefing up and we’ll work it that way but let’s all shoot for one day. Let me know what you guys come up with once you talk amongst yourselves and we can go from there. Thank you as well for stepping up to fill these roles.