Tactical Weapon Swap

Johnathan Miller

Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable.

Reason to add or remove mod.
Tactical Swap is a tacticool animation that allows you and others to create an epic swap between primary and secondary, looking best as ever.
Tactical Swap also allows you to quickly swap between primary and secondary.

Denied - Does not work as described. Malfunctions.I have sent messages to the mod author to see if he has a fix for the errors. The features of the mod were not denied, meaning, if the technical issues were resolved the mod would be approved.

A technical explanation.
When the script does not find the animation for a specific model it generates an error. After the first error, the script continues to try and load the animation. It does this over and over which causes performance issues. This issue is easily fixable, but it would require the author to make the change.