Tanks take one hit and die

It doesn’t matter if its the angara or the kuma both die with a single at round. I went through 3 tanks trying to take out 7 ai tanks for a patrol that popped up on the main airfield. idk if it was intentional or not to have it set up that way but my personal opinion is a tank should not die in one shot unless its one of the lesser wheeled ones.

We are not changing the values for Tanks in any way. To change any values (damage, weapon power, etc) for tanks would require a client-side mod. You need to be aware that there are RHS tanks on the map, and they may have different performance than vanilla tanks.

ohh you know i didn’t think of that, all i knew was tanks on tanoa and altis took at least 3 hits to take out, enemy angaras take like 6 lol. no joke lol if you’re in an angara you can only take half the hits an enemy angara can lol. test it out lol. speaking of AT rounds not tank rounds tho. tank rounds are even matched at three if you’re head to head with one.