Tanoa is fun

Had a great time on Tanoa tonight with Bandit, Crater, Riot Corp, and TriMixMan. We decided to tackle the CIA mission and it was fantastic. We landed about 1km outside of the target location, trekked through dense jungle and secured 2 vehicles. Riot Corp put the petal to the metal as we triumphed over four enemy ambushes in the AFV-4 Gorgon en route to the safe zone. At one point a T-140 was completely blocking our path and I panicked and pressed just about every button on my keyboard trying to switch to my Titan AT missiles. Thankfully I destroyed the target, but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of it. We made it to the objective with 37.5% of our original wheels intact. I’ll let you do the math on that one.

Next time I’ll be sure to take a lot more pictures. Tanoa is vibrant and beautiful.

Fireteam lead: Bandit
Lead driver: TriMixMan
Gorgon driver: Riot Corp
Gorgon gunner: Adonis
Aerial recon: Crater

Sounds and looks amazing!!
Sad i was not around. please make sure to poke me next time if you see me around! would love to join you guys!

Yeah it was GREAT! :slight_smile: Here are my screens of action. And just to add, Adonis says that he panicked, as did I, But I saw that titan destroying that tank up close and personal… perfect close up one shot from front WOW!

And I gotta say that flying skills of our lads are phenomenal. Check out the screens

and some more…

Yeah that was an awesome time. Everyone had great comms and situational awareness. We’ll be doing it again soon so if you want to join just keep an eye out for a few of us down in the TS channel.