So i was playin on tanoa and there’s a cap point “yani islets” but that one puts enemy inf and armor in afol rewards area. Just thought you’d want to know. Wouldn’t be a big deal but you can’t fire in base so how you gonna kill em? you could spawn elsewhere sure but you loose access to the good armor.

oh and the ai inf steals all the vehicles lol

oh and the ai inf steals all the vehicles lol

lol, that’s not good :smiley: just inf. become Armor! :laughing:

Lol. I remember hating Tanoa because those AO spawns made it so hard to get a jet up. But back then though you could shoot in the base and enemy did not steal vehicles either haha. I’m just picturing in my mind all the friendly vehicles at AO being stolen haha. I guess I’m going to have to play some tanoa again and see what’s up.

I love the Tanoa map, but that jungle fighting is hard.

its cool bc you CAN fire in base on tanoa. Didn’t know it when i posted this tho lol. I did eventually finish that ao. But they for reals did. Angara’s and rhino’s and stuff and the enemy ai was stealing them haha it was like fighting a crazy heavily armed ao lol. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

My suggestion for Tanoa would be to enable TFAR. You still have Altis as your purely vanilla server. Tfar was honestly the best part of lithium.

Another suggestion would be a Malden style Day/Night cycle. Where within one server restart you would play two in game days

Ive made a bug report about missions spawning either close or ontop of AOFL airfield and EI taking over our vics there a few days ago. Hopefully it gets addressed shortly.

eh so long as i can fire in base its all good with me. makes it crazy hard with lots of dying lol. Originally when i posted i assumed it was like altis and you couldn’t fire so then how could you clear em out? lol

When we originally made that mission, it was intentional that they took over the base, but that was before we started using VCOM AI, which will “steal” vehicles. We will do something to make the mission more completable.

ok i was cool either way lol… well once i figured out i could kill them without the message about firing in base lol :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

oh hey an actual bug tho, when spawning at the carrier sometimes you spawn in the water to the side.

update coming soon