TeamSpeakUser Name Ban Appeal For Teamspeak

  1. Charles Tucker, Rifleman, (I do not remember any others.)
  2. Steam Community :: Natasha
  3. You are banned permanently. Reason: “Please change your name so that it matches your in-game name - TSU”
  4. I do not have an exact time.
  5. I was absent from TeamSpeak and the NAKSQUAD Arma III servers for a while and did not realize that my name was still being recorded as wrong while I played on different servers. I have made a final character and wish to change my name on TS to match the game, so that I can use the pilot slots again, however the TS server does not let me connect. Even if someone watched me do it; I would change my TS name to match my In-Game name (Charles Tucker) and continue to use that name. It was an honest mistake and I did not mean to purposely ignore the warnings, as I was not on TS for quite some time. I would like to be able to fully participate in the NAK experience again.

You have not been banned the name you were using is banned. You were using the name TeamSpeakUser. Start TeamSpeak then press CTRL+S
On the connect screen it will ask for:
Server Nickname or Address enter ’’ without quotes. For Server Password leave blank and for Nickname enter your in-game name. You need to make sure and change the nickname field to match your in-game name.

Thank you. I was unaware of that mistake. I am on the server now.