The AI do not listen more my orders

:confused:: Hi, I was playng now in warlord map.
i got the problem that my AI start to ignore my orders, and starting make other things.
As exemple without ask, it exit from the vehicle or moving another location without following me more as orders.
I noticed this problem when in map appear this two black dot Screenshot - 3b12f02e3b6fd652cac596787d9e2ec4 - Gyazo

Good day,

Unfortunately this is well outside of our control. I have had them get out of vehicle when damaged or when they are threatened. There are help guides on line on how to deal with AI control. The main point I remember is to change the AI stance to Relaxed or Standing, if set to prone or Automatic they go on high alert and tend to act on their own.

Do some research and make a post here about what you learned to help other players.

in fact it was in automatic mode. As normal i use furtive or combat. Thank you!

Sure i do when i can! :slight_smile: