the EMP Devil had its death stolen from it..

Had to clip it there cuz I was overly exuberant with my language and laughing.

Nice work saving that multi-million dollar asset. I wonder, if you had held your altitude instead of diving for the deck could you have made it to the runway?

Great landing. Kept your composure and lined up a fairly nice landing there bud. Did you fix the aircraft and successfully launch it again?

highly doubt that was possible, he was already in a glideslope and almost stalling, and with no engines I doubt he would have made it any further without crashing.

theres really no way to hold altitude with no engines, as the plane will just stall if you try to pull up, as it is gliding its way down because of the lack of thrust. :cry:

yes I made it back to base. repaired it, then drove it back to the runway…

here is the 7min highlight video. (the original is 5+ hours long) Twitch

also pulled this off in the blackfish with its props stuck downward postition also on a beach but wasnt taping at the time sadly.
Steam Community :: Screenshot :: yes I landed that on the beach with no engines and the rotors stuck downward.

Should have thrown all the people and ammo out, then dumped the fuel hahahaha

I get ya. I have not flown the Arma jets since they first came out. I now remember that these things glide like bricks.
I used to fly MS Flight Sim X but now have moved over to X-plane. I create realistic flights and fuel is one thing that I don’t miss in my planning. A Cessna 172 does dead stick pretty well but the jets? Not so much.

I will give credit to the Blackfish, that thing glides nice and is fairly easy to land with no engines. I’ve taken quite a few EMP hits in that big beast and have a great track record for landing in a field with no engines. Just remember to nose down to gain speed and slowly pull up with flaps down and gear out!

yeah it can but landing it with the props fully down and cant raise them… yeah if you look close the nose of the BF is in the air…