The Inaccessible vehicles on Malden

Sgt. Whiskey here.

Ground vehicles are useless if they are on an island and we can’t get them to the mainland.
Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but this isn’t altis where we can request heavy lift all the time.
It’s rare that we can establish air superiority on Malden, mainly because of the AA combined with enemy air.
It’s precisely this reason combined with the lower playercount that makes ground vehicles on madlen virtually inaccessible in 98% of all combat scenarios.
I ask that some changes be made on malden to move friendly vehicles, or atleast support and AA vehicles, to a new location. The island airfield has a bobcat and does not need ammo, fuel, and medical trucks, perhaps we can move those back to the mainland airfield, along with a few AA vehicles.
Either that or I could map a giant bridge for you guys. Lol.
Pls change? :smiley:


BlueFalcnActual also approves of this message :relieved: