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This Topic is for the Images we take after finishing an event!

NAK Ops 21.01.2020
A great mission with great Teams! Green and Blue did amazing with Tango Infidel and [GSP]Takashi Ryu Leading them and SGT_CORSAIR SquadLeading!

NAK Ops 28.01.2020
Another Good Mission with 18+ Players!

NAK Ops 04.02.2020
Another Good Mission with 23+ Players! Strong and amazing performance from all the players.

NAK Ops 08.02.2020
Our Objective was to record evidence of massacres done by CSAT to use against them and to cut the power grid of the north-east side of the map. As well as creating a back-door to the grid. The second and last objective was to attack a strong base hold that CSAT had south of the First AO.
NAK Ops Squad and Teams did great completing every objective on the list. one of the side objectives, “create a back-door to the grid”, was not done, but we can do that another day.
Great work from Squad Leads and TeamLeads tonight!

NAK Ops 15.02.2020

NAK Ops 18.02.2020

NAK Ops 22.02.2020

NAK Ops 25.02.2020


NAK Ops - Isla Abramia - 02/May/2020

NAK Ops - Altis - 09/May/2020

May 23rd 2020 NAK Ops

back at it again. #okt.04.2020

NAK Ops 10/17/20

From NAK Ops! 28 November 2020