The NAK Quicksilver server live

Anyone that has found any bugs in the last week please post them here, to make sure they are fixed before we go live.

Binoculars not working - Fixed
Vanilla sling load and Cargo rope sling load conflict - Fixed
Script Restriction #49
Sling loading - Added
Towing - Added
Added Hellcat based on request - Added
Thermal Contrast - Fixed

Diary Towing - To do
Diary - Sling loading - To do
Get holster to work with “H” or change the description to “4” - To do

I am unsure if this has already been addressed or is known, but it seems the Holstering mechanic is binded to 4 rather than H (Vanilla game) and also that modded games seem to not work with this script (Could be down to CBA_A3) and JSRS seems to make enemy gunshots silent.

4 was the default key, I tried changing it to “H” but that did not work so I changed it back. I will either get it to work with “H” or change the descriptions to indicate “4” is the hotkey.

Excuse me guys,

What is Nak Quicksilver ?

So far sounds like something cool.


Come check it out! Search for NAK in the Server filter or ask one of the admins about it (it is about to go live, so I strongly suggest you favourite as the adres might change!).

The NAK Quicksilver Invade and Annex server is live. You can find it by searching for [NAK] in the launcher, filer by name [NAK] in-game or direct connect with IP: PORT: 2402.

The mission and rules are different from the Standard NAK I&A so it is a good idea to take a moment and read the information available on the map screen.

Some of the information includes(Items marked with an asterisk are different than the Standard NAK I&A )
Cargo Inventory Editing *
Radio Usage *
Reviving *
Activation and Use of FOB’s *
Logistics (Sling Loading and Towing) *
Leader Board Information *
Key Bindings
Rules for Pilots, CAS, Radio Usage and more *
Allowed Mods
Enemy Capture *
Dog Tags and Documents *