The recruit respawn range in warlord

Hello everybody.
I’m starting to edit my scenario for Arma 3 in warlord mode.
Is my first experience in creating a scenario on Arma 3.
Is almost complete but some details are to be reviewed hoping also for your help.
My current problem, as the title suggests, is the respawn distances of AI recruits. Currently they appear too far away but I have seen on other servers that they are able to parachute very close to the foreman.
Would you have any indication to give me?

Wish your all a good NAK Time,

(my english is bad, i hope your all forgive me)

The method used to spawn AI or equipment is a built-in function. I believe you will want to look at BIS_fnc_WLAIPurchases, BIS_fnc_WLAirdrop and BIS_WL_dropPos.

Open the editor then go to Tools>Functions Viewer (Alt + F). In the upper left-hand corner, you can set some filter values. In the second drop down you can select “Warlords” to list only Warlords functions.

The second way is, if you have Arma Tools installed and you have set up your project drive then, you can browse the SQF’s. The warlord functions are in a3\functions_f_warlords\warlords. I like using Agent Ransack from Mythicsoft, a free tool to search for text within files. It is so much better (quicker and more accurate) than the search feature of Microsoft Windows and File Explorer.

There is no way to modify the default functions, but you can copy their function, make the changes you need and call your function. If I remember correctly the code, looks for flat ground with 200m of the selected location. Looking at the Built-in Functions is an excellent way to learn Arma 3 programming.

Thank you VileAce, i will look again tomorrow.
Seem we are many things to learn about how to use Arma 3 Tools and it’s not easy and fast.
Sadly WLAirdrop cant modify from default editor.
Thanks again for now,

You would have to take a copy of the function, make it an SQF make the changes you want then call you SQF when players make a purchase. This is not a simple process like changing parameters of a module.

VileAce, thank anyway for your help.
At last i fixed my problem removing the wind from the sim :laughing:
So, good dont need to fix with scripting :slight_smile: