The Vietnam campaign - Welcome to the Jungle

Area of Interest:

  1. Đa Krông, Đa Krông District, Quảng Trị Province, Vietnam

Area of Operations:

  1. Terrain: Tropical lowlands, hills, and highlands / Densely forested areas.

  2. Weather: Unpredictable.

Friendly Forces structure:

  • Command
  • Second in Command
  • Squad Leader
  • Team Leader

Missions: 4 Missions

  1. Mission 1 - Operation Blue Anvil

  2. Mission 2 - Operation Knock Down

  3. Mission 3 - Operation Take Out

  4. Mission 4 - Operation Crow Nest

Enemy Forces:

  1. Local Vietcong (VC) with French and WWII weapons, Militia type organization with little or no military training.

  2. NVA Forces “North Vietnamese Army” are outfitted and equipped as the 1965 or 1968 era, with additional specialist recon and Dac Cong Commandos.

Image#1: Local Vietcong

Image#2: NVA Forces

Mission 1Operation Blue AnvilSituation:

  • As the NAK Tac Unit gets deployed to their first mission in Vietnam, to help complete the building of Camp Sarge, they get redirected to help a nearby convoy, at the town of Ta Lieng, that is having trouble delivering its supplies to Camp Sarge. The NAK Tac Unit must reach the convoy and assist with any repairs and defend the convoy. The convoy believes that it was hit by a small team of local Vietcong units. There has been increased VC activity in this area, and it is believed at a company-sized group of VC and NVA units may be in the vicinity.


  • Get to the Convoy and secure the location until the repairs are complete.
  • Escort the Convoy to its destination “Camp Sarge”.
  • Make sure that “Camp Sarge” and its surrounding area is clear and safe for the convoy to stop and load its cargo without any trouble.

    Bring them back safe!
    See you at the camp.

Mission 2Operation Knock DownSituation:
After Securing “Camp Sarge”, the NAK Squad got assigned to the camp and use it as its operative base for the near future. The Investigation team in the camp found out about a Radio Tower in the area that was used to intercept the communications and ambush the convoy near the Town of “Ta Lieng”. The Facility is suspected to hold NVA Forces now.


  • Using Camp Sarge as your base of operations, you will depart to the town of “Khe Luoi”.
  • Your objective is to move to the town “Bahnar”, and Capture an HVT alive and secure him for transport back to “Camp Sarge” safely.
  • Move the HVT to the Town of “Ban Khe” northwest of “Bahnar” and deliver him to “Lima Squad” so they transport him back to “Camp Sarge”.
  • Your second objective is to move West to the “Radio Relay Vandergrift”
  • Clear it and destroy the communication equipment and the radio tower to make it useless for the NVA Forces if they ever think of taking it back.
  • See if you can find any useful intel in the location that might help us in the future.

After making noise in the “Bahnar” Town getting the HVT, we expect the base at “Radio Relay Vandergrift” to get alerted about our presence, so expect a good fight up there.

Mission 3Operation Take OutSituation:

  • “The Guardian” decoding unit in Camp Sarge worked on the documents that the NAK Squad recovered from the “Radio Relay Vandergrift” facility and successfully managed to crack intel on an enemy Air unit that will pass a location that is known as the “Three Canyons”.
    This Air unit belongs to the NVA Forces helping the local VietCong (VC). The Air unit has obtained sensitive information about our future plans in this war by intercepting our communications using the Radio Tower faculty that we destroyed last time!
    It is important that we take care of this situation and block it from spreading.


Your mission will start on the east side of “Hill 187” west of the “Three Canyons” location where the enemy Air unit is suspected to pass soon.

  • Get your eyes on the Air unit and shoot it down.
  • Get to the Crash site and locate and pick-up the documents.
  • Move southeast to the “Song DaKrong Valley”. Find the best evac point and get out of there.

Mission Information:
Starting time: Saturday 20 July - 05:00 pm EST
Required mods: NAK Tac NAM 2019
Optional mods: NAK Tac NAM 2019 Optional

The local VietCong (VC) has a good number of fighters in the area to the east of the “Three Canyons”, we expect that they will get deployed to come after this intel when they hear the crash of the Air unit. Expect them to fight you hard for it!
Get what you are sent to retrieve and move out of that location before you get swarmed with fighters from all directions!

Make it fast and efficient!

Mission 4Operation Crow NestSituation:

  • Units from the Marine Observation Squadron, have located a large number of local Vietcong (VC) units in the gorge between “Hill 207” and “Hill 157” near the Town of “Bru”. Our intelligence team has confirmed intel about an Enemy base in that location. The local Vietcong (VC) are using this location to regroup and store their ammunition and weaponry.

  • The NAK Tac team will start in Nui Pek, and cross the Ben Hei River. Once the team crosses the Ben Hei River they are in enemy territory. Friendly forces have been targeting near the village of Song Nong with artillery, so initially, resistance will be lighter, but the further you go into the jungle the level of resistance will increase.


  • Move out from “Camp Sarge” and approach Nui Pek
  • Set off from Nui Pek and find out the exact location of the Base.
  • Make your plan to enter the base and clear it out.
  • Destroy the weapons that you find.
  • Exfil out of the location once the mission is complete.

Mission Information:
Starting time: Saturday 10 August - 05:00 pm EST
Required mods: NAK Tac NAM 2019
Optional mods: NAK Tac NAM 2019 Optional

Although most of the spotted enemy units in the area are local Vietcong (VC), it is likely that they will call in NVA reinforcements once you approach their base of operations. If you can locate and eliminate their communication equipment you may be able to lessen the number of reinforcements.

Make sure that you clear your objectives as efficiently as possible!