This is new, glitch?

No, in fact it is one of the oldest glitches in Arma. It’s called headbugging and all you can really do (besdies not using mods that cause it) is abort to lobby and relog. There are some mods that purport to fix it or add anti headbugging buttons but I personally haven’t had any luck.

My best recommendation is to triple check that you’re only using approved mods (

it did fix it, i haven’t experienced that since arma 2 co w/ace mod lol. Of coarse back then the head bug just made it so you couldn’t do anything but could see lol. Thats what confused me bc i could still exit the jet and climb back in and switch between my own personal weapons but no hud interaction in the jet lol. You could see that on the display for the jet not the player hub that i was switching weapons but the hud was as if i was on foot lol.

It has been more prevalent in the last few updates. There is an old script fix for this bug that I will look into to see if it fixes the issue. If you know of any way to reproduce the bug every time, it will help with my testing.

nah only 2 times it happened was in the angara and the jet in the video there. doesn’t happen often tbh … well ok doesn’t happen to me anyway lol