Those random enemy SAM sites.

Hello everyone.

Lately I have been paradropping to those misc. SAM sites that appear around the map and i take them out by placing explosives on them making it all too easy to take out. NOTE: I’m not refering to the ones that spawn within AOs, but only the random ones that spawn across the map.

I would like to suggest that when these spawn, maybe spawn between 1 - 5 enemy infantry that guard these, to make taking out these sites a bit more challenging.

And if it’s possible (thinking of server resources here), if the SAM is destroyed, then unspawn any infantry left there (incase the site is taken out by air, so the air doesnt have to take care of single infantry units left-overs.)

What do you think?

This is a good idea, but not necessary. SAM sites are pretty hard to find by themselves already and they should be taken down in the shortest amount of time possible.

I am not saying that I disagree with your idea, but I have my doubts about making any changes to any AA