Tips on being Squad/Team Leader

Hello all :slight_smile:
First off I am in no way the best or first pick for someone to be deemed an experienced/perfect Squad Leader and this is after all a video game at the end of the day.
These are my personal Tips and tricks via experiences that I’ve used on the Nak#1 Server over my time in the NAK community and it’s public playerbase.
Of course this will be more guided towards new players and/or players who’re more experienced yet want to try something out of their comfort zone (like myself)
Also as these are my own personal opinions I am not telling anyone how they should play the game I am merely giving out suggestions/ideas should anyone want to follow them on their own
Through my experiences in the Nak#1 Altis Server over the last year-and-a-half (and recently thanks to NAKTAC) I’ve developed a number of skills whether it be precise communication to reading a map/compass or keeping an eye out for my brothers safety and not just my own I’ve assumed the role Squad Leader quite a few times that ends up being more entertaining for not only myself but for the players around me
As stated earlier I do not usually take this role unless I’m the last person in line since I am naturally a shy/reserved person and most times there are other players who do the Squad Leader position much better than I
However I believe since this helps me it should help others if they’re looking for something like this
Now normally I would piece together an entire video for a better example of what I will be explaining however I will make this short and sweet (short he says)

Tip#1. Have a Microphone/Headset
Obviously most players have this already, but this is essential for those who want to give orders

Tip#2. Know where you’re going
If you’re leading it’s recommended you know where you’re going/knowing the best possible approach because your teammates will usually end up going their own way/route and split up the squad

Tip#3. Know your enemy and what equipment to bring
If you’re heading into an AO and your squad is up against tanks with nothing but 5.56mm you’re not gonna last very long. try and plan ahead, let your teammates know what to bring. most times players rely on you as much as you them, like new players. so don’t be afraid to warn them of their imminent incapacitation because they’re not geared correctly to the objective

Tip#4. Stay cool, be the leader, have a Plan B
ArmA 3 has a very like-minded playerbase, especially when it comes to Invade and Annex servers. however if there are times where you’re too hot under the pressure and/or can’t keep your energy on par with those around you, you might find that your teammates may develop an uneasy sense of you and/or find another team. you are the Squad Leader so when things go FUBAR you need to be the first one with the game plan and ready to execute it in a mature and professional matter. no one likes hearing high-pitched screaming in their ear because bullets, shells and missiles are flying around and you don’t know where

Tip#5. Use the map
Self explanatory. put markers, make LZs, FOBs, draw lines, etc. you’re the one who’s taking charge over everyone so they need to know what’s going down

Tip#6. Don’t do everything yourself or even try
It’s a military simulator. everyone should be given their own roles, which direction they should be scanning, etc. don’t just go Rambo and expect people to follow you. in my experiences, I’m usually the last one to open fire if the situation allows me to be. because of this, I’m able to effectively communicate to each teammate about positioning, where the fire is coming from, and where we should be moving if we’re pinned. try to value your teammates lives more than your own scoreboard

Tip#7. Keep an eye on your team and use their name if possible
More often than not, if you watch your teammates back and make sure they’re good, they will watch yours in return so keep an eye out for them and stay on their good side, keep the mutual respect at all times for maximum effect of trust. also some people/players like hearing someone/their squad leader call out their name/in-game name in order to know where they are, how they’re doing or to prevent being incapacitated by telling them to take cover. “Casper! you’re out in the open! find some cover I’ll watch your six move it!” “Covering fire! Casper move to me now!” “Casper watch the south east”

Tip#8. Involve other Squad Leaders if any
If you’re at a Side AO and your team is being suppressed, incapacitated and/or respawning, get another squad to help you out. involving another Squad Leader will expand the amount of your effectiveness and skills as a whole. and of course add more fun to the game if everyone is on the same team and same mindset. make it an experience for everyone to remember. they have experiences, personalities and teammates different than yours so engage with them

Tip#9. “let’s go here” not “should we go here?”
Of course as a leader you need to be direct and firm with your choice of words but not to the point where you’re being demanding because there’s a difference. try to avoid speaking in suggestion and speak with intent of being the leader and nothing but the leader

Tip#10. Respect
Under no circumstances is it okay to feel above or to treat/talk to your teammates like you’re above them. Period. it’s recommended that you try not to make yourself look bad in front of players who’re trying to enjoy their own way of playing the game with their own time off. most people deal with a lot in the real world so don’t bring it here when they’re here trying to escape it, and if you’re Squad Leader you should honestly know that before trying to lead anyone anywhere

Tip#11. Join the TeamSpeak
Of course if you’re new to the NAK server(s) and you’ve assumed the role of Squad Lead, don’t be afraid to join the TeamSpeak server so you can communicate with the pilots with CAS, CAP, UAV and even Transport/Extract. this will most definitely be useful for gun runs, bomb runs and ammo drops if you’re in a pinch

Tip#12. Split up
If you got any players with snipers and/or AT/AA, split the squad up, get the snipers, marksmen or AT/AA guys into an over-watch position. you can lead a team on the ground that pushes into the AO and a team at an elevated ground to keep you all clear and relays information to you about the surrounding area

Tip#13. Elite or not be the role model
I personally recommend that you stick to the rules and uphold a reputation among yourself. if you’re on the good side of everyone and the rules, then better chances of your integrity being more recognizable in the NAK community and for public players, meaning more fun countless hours of gameplay for you and those around you who want to play with you

Tip#14. ROE/IFF
This is optional but if you want to minimize friendly fire and keep your squad from opening fire then immediately getting overrun by 40+ EI because the rest of you weren’t in position for a good shot/cover, try to keep everyones fingers off the trigger, call out targets and when to fire or when to hold fire

Tip#15. Remember that it’s about the fun
Last but not least is that of course it is a game so don’t expect much out of it if people aren’t going your way or what you planned didn’t work out it’s all good, just keep having a good time for yourself and everyone else and naturally you just might end up having a great squad lead role session!

That wraps up some quick information on my style of gameplay at least in the Nak#1 Atlis Server
I hope some of you found this helpful it was a random idea I thought I’d share with the communities new players and/or those who are looking for something like this
Anyway have fun everyone

-Casper :smiley:

Simple and easy to follow along SL guide, incredibly useful for new players and even experienced ones! Excellent :slight_smile: