TK Punishment

Pls bring back the TK punishment. Without it people dont even know they are shooting friendlies and victims have no idea if its AI or someone TKing.

There is currently a TK punishment system in place. Anyone that TK’s gets a black screen, with a warning, for one minute. During that time the offending player will not be able to move.

Is it only me, but I dont see any “killed by xxxx” (bots) in the Chat message anymore?

That is correct.

We have modified the TK system on our Invade and Annex servers. To implement our system, that automatically punishes a player for TK, we had to in effect remove the default system that reported the offending players name.

When we implemented our new system we chose not to display the offending players name in order to prevent/discourage retaliation and griefing. If you feel that you are being TK’ed intentionally, report it to the admins online and we will review the situation.

We are constantly reviewing the systems we use on our server. If you have constructive criticisms and a valid justification for knowing the name of the offending player. let us know and we will review it.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of the new system. I never TK (I check the map every time before I fire) and somehow under the new system I’ve TK’d three times tonight, apparently, but have nothing to base it off of other than being punished. If I could see a name I’d know who to apologize to or at least have some sort of validation on how it happened.

With that being said I do understand the griefing issue, so while I don’t really like the new system I can see how it might cut down on those issues.

Just posting a vote, I guess. :laughing:

Edit: So guys behind me shot me and I died. But I can’t tell them to check fire because I don’t know their names. Sorry, but after a few hours of playing after my previous post I’m giving this a big thumbs down.

I liked the old Tk punishment system of having to press a button to punish someone instead of always being punished. I’ve had it Punish me during a CAS run on a side mission no people were near or on map

I’m personally a fan of the new system in place. More so after hearing the reasoning from the admins. If I do happen to get a black screen I will still type my apology in side chat just to own up to my mistake. Even the most experienced players, no matter how much you check the map, can miss targets or fail to identify danger close targets. Do your absolute best (check lazes for accuracy, check map, comms checks, etc) to prevent friendly fire but if it truly is an accidental tk and it happens rarely it shouldn’t discourage you. I would rather be punished by a black screen than to see someone else downed by my mistake leading to them starting all over and possibly even discouraging them from even trying to respawn in.