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  5. Ok firstly I was not online at the time of this ban, so unsure why, what the reason is, but using harass and Griefing is not a worthy reason, as it’s a beta server, and as I like to test and learn that’s what I was doing, at no time was there any issue as there where hardly people online, and considering the time I have spent on that server, I would at least expect a explanation for the reason, besides perm ban #rule 4 griefing and harass.
    You ask in your template why the ban should be lifted, well I have only this one to say, considering I spent over 100hours on that server, build a main base for others to use, and helped others with bases, and continuously come on to play, I think this ban is on more of a personal level, other then what is stated in the ban message, I have found multiple faults that I have past on, also I have suggested multiple solutions to elevate the issues, such as air missions (multiple helicopters courses latency ,this I mentioned to Walter),furthermore, I also noticed other issues with generic kit, and considering that I play hours on hours alone on the server before others come on, I think this “perm Ban “ is a little extreme to say the least.
    Yes I destroyed, all my vehicles, and bashful was even online when I did do this, but I worked for the credits to get the vehicles, only to lose them, on a restart, that is one of the main factors of some of the issues on that server, and considering there is no one there to take any input on, I find it a losing battle.

Now if this ban will stay then I would at least expect a explanation why your banning someone willing o spend his own time playing on a server that hardly anyone uses, and willing to give feed back. If this is because I tuck out a few vehicles…… then I find the ban a little over kill, and unwarranted, especially the wording (griefing/harass) witch makes me a harasser or someone who goes out of his way to do this, this is total out of order,as i do not do that.

if someone would communicate with me, and be willing to go on a trip to solve the issues and alow me to give constructive feed back to help figure out the issues, then it would benifit both sides, but banning me i think is a little over the top.

I will look forward to discuss this, at your convienience.

TK1468 :smiley:

I hope my feedback and addition helps out in the final decision, but the only thing I can say is. The time when I decided to give a shot to Wastelands TK1468 guided me through all of the game mechanics, taught me and patiently listened to every single question I had. I can’t see how is it fair to instantly ban a player who’s been helpful to me, and to many others. I’ve had quite an extensive chat with that player today in TS3 (Not the only chat) and I can say that excessive is the least that I see. I can’t understand how you can Greif yourself on a server based and built around PvPvE. I’ve heard lots of feedback and different useful reviews and comments regarding that Beta server, that player was focusing on improving it, so if my opinion counts for anything, a permantent ban is extremelly excessive.

Hello TK1468,

I am sorry to hear that you feel the ban was on a personal level, however I will try to explain why the ban was issued:

Admins can and will issue bans after incidents have occured, even if it is not at the direct time of the ban. Though the server is listed as BETA, our Organization wide rules still apply.

As to the reason why you were banned, we value constructive feedback. Ideally via one of the feedback forms, either the one advertised in Teamspeak or using the forums on this website.

Phrasings like " screw this, nak stuff" and “i have never come accros , as much BS in my life, half the issues could be dealt with in a hour, i have already spoken to a ph” are not considered feedback, nor constructive and create a hostile, non-welcoming environment ( I personally see it as a slap in the face of the admins that have invested time and resources into setting up this free server).

This combined with violations of rules 13 (verbal abuse) & 14 (use of obscene, lewd, indecent or discriminatory language) have made me decide to escalate this to a permanent ban, examples below.

Global) TK1468: what you the figure of speach police now??

(Side) TK1468: F*** ALL OF THEM FUU)… this shit, i am not working my arse off, just to lsoe them blasay …w

(Side) TK1468: oh and that aipo guy, i refreshed and he treid to steal my wagon…little **)^&%(%^%#

oh, right well here we are.

  1. if you read the last comment :
    **(Side) TK1468: oh and that aipo guy, i refreshed and he treid to steal my wagon…little )^&%(%^%#

That was what i would call my type of humore, however, not the same as yours, as you have personally heard me and know i am outspoken.and i was pissing about, and did not use any faul language but used differint signes to indicate…but that was my joking about!

2)The personal comment, that you have taken "
Phrasings like " screw this, nak stuff" and “i have never come accros , as much BS in my life, half the issues could be dealt with in a hour, i have already spoken to a ph”

that was made in frustration concidering i came on and had 5 vehicles gone, and concidering i only now see your a admin, you have played on that server and could have easyly taken the time to take any feed back i had, but haywho, especialy that i have done 200+ hrs on the server… if i cant lose it once, god knows what you can do, before you have rules slapped in your face, concidering you alone, including other people who have powers play on that server could have taken any feedback and used it to benifit, but here its more importent to use the powers…ok i get it…if you dont want people to play on that server clsose it down then you will not get people frustrated…Just saying! Just to take this comment and clear it up and bring it down to size…

I was pist of with some of you concidering the porsitins you have, you know full well, that i spend hours on there, i even mentioned a few times i wanted to help, but i see my words are more inportent then trying to get a server up and running…!Cool

  1. This is werth a ban??
    Global) TK1468: what you the figure of speach police now??

Then i suggest you turn of type permissions in game, and use voice only, as you may be banning more people,as some people are not natural english speakers,and may type something that will upset someone,or be misinterpretated, like a few things i typed, but hay bashful was there, get his side (or may already have).


Fine you used your powers to ban me not just from the beta server but the other server as well.OK! fine, then i wasted 200+ hours,considering i even spoke to walter about a few things, and now knowing that your a admin for that server , shows me you had no intrest in knowing the issues, considering your played on that same server and was on TS with me on multible nights shows me, i am on a losing battle scenario here, or a sinking boat with no life vest, yes i was out of order, but frustration tuck over, am i sorry?, partialy i should have not typed my frustration out, but just left the server.DO i think that this is overkill Yes/no. Yes considering you know full well i been trying to help and not stating you could have spend a hour with me, and even maybe know some of the issues on thjat server we could have come up combined with solutions to the issues, this way getting your self a wasteland server up for public (was that not the mission/Idea)??NO, rules are rules,but rules are made to be brocken, and it will always happen that someone will say or do something that will break a rule, others break them,and some get away iwuith it some dont, now on this account, i should have been given a serius reramand and a final warning,as i this is the first time, but in hind sight and seeing how this is going, am i sure i want to continue visiting your sight, as if i did, i would be in fear of being kicked or banned on a simplist thing, i would not be able to enjoy the game in the way i do if i did, even Doh i was wanting to join NAK, now i am in two minds (and no i am not saying this to get it easy, this is genuinly the truth),but we shall see, however when your on TS i would like to also go through this with you and another on TS so we can discuss this.If thats even wanted.

Your amount of spent time on that server does not warrant an option to misbehave. If anything, you should have familiarised yourself with the rules in the time spent.

All bans that are issued are organisation wide. Namecalling in whatever form is prohibited and will result in a kick or ban dependant of the severity.

Lastly, I am an admin and have made that clear to you several times. Even though I am not your personal secretary, I have taken down your feedback a couple times, have referred you to both the bug report and the wastelands feedback form, have contacted other admins on your behalf and helped you out several times by donating ingame valuta, time and other resources to help you out. If anything, I have been way too lenient up till now.

At this point I am going to leave it at my verdict and state that this permanent ban is going to remain in place. A Chief of Staff might review my ban (and this appeal) and decide otherwise.

TK1468, at your convenience, join TeamSpeak and poke me, VileAce, we will discuss this.

I dont know if anyone is aware, however concidering my ban was lifted, i have however been banned/kicked from TS, is this part of the unbann process, where your unbanned from the servers,but banned from TS.

I have had a look at your rules,and seem to not find that rule??

Can i please have some clarrification on this please!

Thank you

Just some constructive criticism; patience especially when dealing with any kind of tech including gaming and servers will help you out greatly in the long run. I feel you on a lot of your “topics of discussion” but I also knew if i just waited it out all would be fixed. NAK overall is a really good group who throw thousands of hours of their own free time into this. Not only maintaining the popular server but constantly trying to give us new servers so the game doesn’t get old. They aren’t supermen, probably aren’t even in the tech industry. Just a group of people who love gaming especially with others. I was in a group originally based in FSX (CVW7 was us) and I didn’t really understand what all went into it bc i always chose not to hold any kind of administration role. When we all drifted apart I was upset and went to our “commanding officer” bc I didn’t want it to end. It wasn’t until he explained just how hard it was to juggle that many balls that I understood how difficult it is to run something this big while also tending to person life and jobs and such. You figure with all the scripting and file adding and the actual making of the missions for the maps it probably takes longer than a week at full time. That is to say, spending each hour not at work or sleeping on the server. It’s not easy or fast, its like painting really complex models. Sometimes its the same thing over and over sometimes its something new but each thing is tedious and takes a lot of time. Especially if they want it to be good. You know I don’t mean nothing by this, just trying to help as always. Patience is the key…

At this point the relationship between NAK and yourself has run it course. We have had multiple discussions with you in regard to your behavior on the server. After we spoke the other day, a couple days after, you made inappropriate, offensive comments to a user on the server.

At this point I have banned you from all of our servers.

thats not a problem Vileace, i hold no grudge, concidering, it was banter…and that Lorenso was going out of his way, and even stated he was listning in to what I was saying, that means i would have not been able to do anything, so i would like to put this to you, then if some admin are so keen to remove someone like my self, and then please explain why someone who was on TS was breaking #rule12 Underage,furthermore,i am fully aware,and have been told that some admins dont like me for the fact i am open spoken and will defend my self, i know i broke the rules at the get go for losing my control when i was frustrated.

But like i said to someone else, i was done on NAK anyway, as there where and have been a few things that I personally do not like, i however would like to thank you for your time that eveing and walter for taking his time on the beta server, and wish all well,and fun on the game, but i do say this, if your going to slap someone in the face with the rules, then you should also treat everyone with the same rules,and not becouse you dont like the fact i will stand my ground…

@Spuds, its all good mate, i have never had a issue with anyone, yes including the admin, its just i dont like the way "some " go about there roles,but like i said, i have no ilfeelings towards anyone…just everyone needs to chill out a litt,e like i said if your gonna treat one perosn by 100% of the rules then you need to do it across the board.

Good playing with ya spuds, have a good one

TK1468 I hope you continue to do well and find a server that you are happy with.

On a side note, from one military member to another, if you ever want to chat or anything don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on steam.