ToH Characters - Approved


Shawn Redshaw & Toaster Violation

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ToH Characters

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More/better faces to choose from + good female faces as well for female players. Not like most players are going to see them, but it is nice to have for those of us who love playing in 3rd person and like making our characters as cool as possible. Would also be good on the Zeus server when the Zeus restricts your character to basic equipment – no more having to dawn the stealth mask+googles to hide the hideous face. Mainly I want it for Altis first and for most. But I would really like to have it on Tanoa and Zeus as well. - Shawn Redshaw

More/better heads + female heads. Requesting for all 3 servers. The current heads are pretty hideous and all middle-aged – Aren’t wars fought mostly by the young? - Toaster Violation