Training Areas

This is something that can apply to all NAK Tac events:

I have noticed some of the newer players, myself included at times, having trouble setting things up. This ranges anywhere from setting up TFAR to performing medic tasks with ACE such as how to or when to do certain tasks. It may benefit the group to have two marked areas, one for TFAR training & one for Medical Training, where players can go to learn. The more experienced players would be quick to fill others in and help out as I have seen plenty of times before.

This training will take place starting one hour before mission start time and players can come in up to 30 minutes prior to mission start (timeframe subject to change).

My overall goal is to create more effective communication and more effective medical support for all players, throughout all missions.

This is not really practical as I have to create a new map for every mission and have very little time. Anything else I have to add to the map would take time away from making the mission we are going to play that day. We have the firing range on every map with a full arsenal, it is common practice to use that area for any training.

All new players are recommended to read through our training guide which does cover all the task you have mentioned and much more.