"Transport" GhostHawks

I (and I know some other transport pilots) get pretty fed up with people shooting the sea/fish/waves whilst flying transport in the GhostHawks. I was wondering what everyone elses thoughts/feelings were about the GhostHawks on freedom being spawned without ammo (its not possible to remove the guns themselves), to bring them inline with the other helis on the carrier. Or alternatively a “dump ammo” option on the scrollwheel menu so it can be done at pilots discretion?

For those wanting an armed GhostHawk, then one would still be available at rotary (where the Orca and Hellcat armed equivalents also live).

As a side note to this, should the Pawnee move to rotary and the Hummingbird stay on Freedom also (though I know Bosco likes chasing enemy jets down in it!!!)

Personally I rarelly use the ghosthawks for that specific reason. Even though that at times the armed ghosthawk is quite useful, most of the support can be provided by friendly CAS, so I don’t really think we NEED an armed Ghosthawk. I don’t know if it’s possible to remove the ammo from one specific ghosthawk and leave the rest armed, but if possible, why not?

I do think that the unarmed variant should be moved to rotary, while the armed hummingbird should be left at Pilots HQ as sometimes it’s quite useful for quick gunruns. When it comes to the transport variant, I do see people using it, and getting it a bit more centralized wouldn’t hurt anyone

I frequently fly the ghost hawk and use door gunners so it is quite useful and fun if coordinated properly. If someone is shooting where they shouldn’t be tell them not to do so. If they are causing problems after that point and it cannot be settled in a civil manner that is when you can contact an admin. I have rarely heard or seen these door guns being used.

A better option may be for the pilot to have the ability to lock the guns until they are cleared hot by the pilot. If not I would say leave them be.

The only thing I can say is that multiple times over teamspeak I’'ve heard lots and lots of pilots complaining due to players just shooting everywhere…