Tuesday "Nak Tac Open Practice" Event

A bunch of us are planning to set up a Tuesday mission in lieu of the Zeus ones that we usually do, as per VileAce, the official Nak Tac events are cancelled for Tuesdays for the next month or so. Here’s how it will work:

Tuesdays @ 8:00PM EST, the event will start. Feel free to arrive an hour to at least a half hour before the event starts. The event will take place on Malden (for people who don’t own Apex), and we will use the Alpha channel on Teamspeak as a command channel, and the group system in game for team comms. This event will give people the opportunity to practice as a squad and still get a feel of the camaraderie and teamwork as a Nak Tac provides, without having to have Vile put in all of the time to set up the event for us.

Administrators will oversee the event to make sure the objectives are coordinated properly. Nak Tac personnel are going to be running the Main AO.

As for mods, all you’ll need is your normal public I&A server loadout - whatever you’d use on the normal Nak Squad servers. TFARS won’t be available, thus we’ll be using the comms system up above. ^

Bandit has volunteered to help coordinate these events. :slight_smile:

Please ask any questions here in this thread so we can make sure that we have everything squared away.

I’m in and will absolutely help NAK Tac practice events. This will help prepare new/potential members for a closed NAK Tac event. The more experienced players will be pushed even harder than normal and will be expected to step up to higher positions in these practice scenarios. These events will not be official NAK Tac events and no hours will be recorded towards your rank for those already in the NAK Tac unit.

If you show an interest in joining NAK Tactical, seeing how we operate, or just sharpening up your skills I would highly encourage you to get in touch with either myself or Brandon with any questions and to meet us on the battlefield.

Check your dates.

Thank you, I was very tired last night

No problem. If an admin wants to give me confirmation on this I will share the info on our twitter page.

I will be the Admin in charge of all Tuesday NAK Tac Practice Events. All players are welcome to join, this will be an open event. Our first practice mission will be held on 4-30-2019. Please read below for requirements & details.

Date: Tuesday’s @ 8pm EST (highly recommended show up at least 30 minutes prior to mission start)
Server: Malden #2 I&A
TS Channel: NAK Malden #2 / Alpha #2
Mods: https://www.naksquad.net/mod-list/
You do NOT need all the mods listed, use what you normally use. We will NOT be using NAK Tac mods like ACE or TFAR.
Additional Requirements:
We will be using Teamspeak so please have that installed and set up prior to joining.
Malden is a DLC Map (free) so that will also need to be installed prior to joining.
We will be focusing on the Main AO, all players not participating in the event will be limited to side missions only.

The more players we have the higher the possibility of perks such as Armor & CAS may be thrown in so feel free to invite your battle buddies! If you should have any questions feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to help.

I look forward to seeing everyone for our first NAK Tac Practice Event!

Reaper if you would that would be great. Details above ^