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After much anticipation and analysis, we’re excited to announce the winners of the “My NAK Squad” Twitter contest! On behalf NAK Staff, thank you again to all the participants who submitted their work. Before we start with the winners we would like to congratulate some Honorable Mentions

“Medevac from Cu Mi, Vietnam 1968 (Colorized)”
by Frosbite


by NoBrakes


“Push On The Town”
by Ghost

Without further ado the winners:

1st place goes to Domau and his image “Waiting for a lift”

A very nice recreation of a Vietnam War picture by an unknown photographer, the use of noir filter gives the screenshot a nice touch.

2nd place goes to Ghost with his submission “Crash Landing”

This picture was taken live during a Zeus Operation. The perfect combination of light & timing. The blinding effect that the player’s flashlight gives to the camera is perfect.

Congratulations to all the winners! If you were chosen, you will be notified soon by NAK Staff via Twitter or TeamSpeak to receive your prizes. Once again we would like to thank everyone for your participation in this contest!

Domau the first place winner will receive a T-Shirt (or comparable items up to a $30 value) from the NAKShop, NAK Elite, 20,000 Points on the Altis server and War Correspondent Tag.
Ghost the second place winner will receive NAK Elite, War Correspondent Tag and 10,000 points on the Altis Server.
Honorable mentions will receive 5,000 points on the Altis Server.
Everyone that submitted a usable image will receive the War Correspondent Tag in TeamSpeak.