U menu Lag

Does anyone have any solutions for mitigating Lag in the Units menu? When i get into a menu to join a unit “U”, my game lags out severely. I know this is not a unique issue to myself, but have not heard of any solutions, its caused some issues for me and affected my game play playing with others.

Thanks for any information that can help.


Hey Novix,

If you are talking about moded “NAKTAC”, my solution that I’m using is to use ACE and look at a player that is already in that squad and join up on him.
If it’s not moded, I never had that problem soi don’t know to be honest.

yeah, have only been using “U” to get into group. The only information i’ve found for the lag is that it reloads the entire map possibly when going into that menu.

If this is regarding NAK Tac it should be in the NAK Tac forum(https://www.naksquad.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=22). If it is regarding NAK Squad Invade and Annex we need more information. What server and mission are you referring to? What mods are you using.

Its in every server I’m playing on. When opening the menu by using “U” to create, join or leave a group, the FPS drops to 1 Frame and the game lags out, it makes it impossible to join a group most of the time, using multiple clicks, but when I’m out of the menu it is just fine. It doesn’t matter if I’m on NAK TAC, Invade and Annex or someone elses server. I know that the first thing a person is going to say is, “its my computer” but i have researched it and there are many people across all servers experiencing this issue. I have had freshly reinstalled the game, windows, upgraded video cards ect. So i am trying to see if anyone knows of a fix i missed.
It most recently caused an issue for me on the event server, that is why I’m asking if there are any solutions.

Try creating a brand new profile, with no Bohemia Interactive unit assigned and see if it improves.

Only having a problem making a “U” menu group on Tanoa, I just checked and I can make a menu group on both Altis and Malden.

This is an unrelated post Vinchetti, his problem is not creating groups, but extreme lag when opening the group menu. The issue that you mentioned on Tanoa should be fixed now.

Ok thanks, sorry i should have made a new post