UAV (AR-2 Darter)

Hey Guys! Love the server.

Never really given feedback before so bare with me.

I was wondering if its possible to allow the AR-2 Darter to be used by more than just the UAV operators role (or if this is even possible).

It seems a waste to fill up the only slot just to occasionally scout the area for EI and/or direct the odd A-10 gun run or mortar barrage, especially as its such a niche role. Im guessing that if a second UAV slot is opened you cannot restrict it to just darter use and everybody would simply use the second slot for more militarised drones.

Is it possible to restrict what the terminal can and cannot connect to so there is a dedicated darter role?

Cheers for your time!

Not entirely sure if this is the correct area to post in either, so apologies if it is not.

Originally I was just going to say we will not be doing it, but I did a little more research into the issue and there may be a solution, but the way the reference code is written it would be bad for server performance. I am adding the code below for my reference. So at this point, I do not think that we will be adding darters or ED-1 Mini UGV’s anytime soon, but if we have a downtime in our development cycle, we may look into being able to provide darters or ED-1 UVG’s to additional roles.

[] spawn {
    if (!hasInterface) exitWith {};
    while {true} do {
        // Check if the player has an AV terminal
        if ("B_UavTerminal" in assignedItems player) then {
            {player disableUAVConnectability [_x,true];} forEach [sam1,sam2];
        sleep 0.01;

To touch on this subject as well, me as well as EvoTuxedo, Ekin, and Skater have all spoke within TS about how a cool concept would be to implement the usage of Eddie as the EOD team. We weren’t sure how it could be written or how itd work in tandem with uav operator but itd be pretty cool if it was easy and possible to allow let’s say the EOD team lead to access Eddie for demining operations