Just a quick suggestion for UAV operator, Me and another Player who play NAK Tanoa think that it would be nice to have a UAV Driver/pilot role, as well as a UAV gunner role to improve the effectiveness of UAVs as the UAV operator cannot self designate targets easily (Say you want to laze for the sentinal/Greyhawk with the falcon (or vise-Versa) but cannot because the laze does not stick (it centers once you’re off the gunner on the sentinal)
For this reason, I think having a designated UAV pilot/gunner role would be nice to have. Sorry for being wordy, ask for clarification if my words are unclear.
Thank you for taking your time to listen to me rant, have a good day/night.
~Takashi Ryu

This is not something that would be easy to implement with Quicksilver, and I can see where it would cause more issues that it would help. We get arguments all the time when players get in another players vehicle, adding the functionality you are requestioning would invite that to happen.

Say you are controlling the UAV’s and doing just fine on your own (flying and gunning), then another player takes the other UAV role, forcing you to lose 50% of the UAV functionality. Most players would not be happy.

This is not something I see being implemented.

Taking realism into account its pretty insane that one person flies the aircraft, operates the sensor, processes and disseminates intel to JTAC/ground units, and designates and effects ATG targets. So really there should be a minimum of like 6 people with hands on this “IRL.”

It is a game though and a lot of the difficulty that we get IRL is softened. And Viles point is very valid, however, it is a co-op server. Really shouldn’t be going it alone on Arma. The drone role has been pretty opposite to the mindset of working as a team. To be frank its real overpowered on Tanoa. And if people get upset by having to share then perhaps they need to go back to primary school for a bit.

The real issue is implementation. Has to be functional when one player is using the asset and manageable when two are using it. Not sure if there is pre-made mods for this or not.

I do not agree with the last point. I don’t see what’s the need in a “gunner” role for a UAV operator. The advantage of the UAV slot over for example any other pilot is the fact that the UAV’s are autonomous. Set them into a loiter, an altude hold, a distance hold, and boom, operate your camera without the tiniest issue. I don’t see the smallest advantage in having two people as UAV operators at all. It is poinltess, and while Cuba is correct, here a good UAV operator has no issues what so ever with controlling the ground space, laser designating targets, communicating with pilots and even holding out an AA Outpost.
From my point of view, adding someone else to the “team” is just reducing the efficiency of the UAV operator in overall.