UCAV Sentinel Missing UGBs and HARMs in Dynamic Loadout

The UCAV Sentinel in default arma has access to UGBs and HARMs for its two pylons. These seem to be missing in the current build of the server as options to be chosen. The UCAV is one of the stealthiest vehicles in the game meaning allowing these weapons on it could greatly increase their effectiveness as being built for SEAD. A role that seems to often times be left rather empty.

Link to WIKi: UCAV Sentinel | Armed Assault Wiki | Fandom

Attached are pictures of the wiki and in game pictures showing the UCAV having access to UGBs and HARMs
UCAV Sentinel Loadout.JPG

Perhaps just need to relog? I still get those options whenever I’m loading out, also by default it loads 2 gbu12s

Although looks like no harms or sdbs tho

Will be added

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because they dont carry them… Just throwing it out there for realism sake…

MQ-9 Reaper 4 AGM-114 Hellfire (Macer) air to ground missiles can be carried or four Hellfire missiles and two 500 lb (230 kg) GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bombs. (it also been tested to carry a pair of gbu-38 jdams (but arma doesnt do jdams) also supports AIM-82 stinger missiles
7 hardpoints: Up to 1,500 lb (680 kg) on the two inboard hardpoints, Up to 750 lb (340 kg) on the two middle hardpoints, and up to 150 lb (68 kg) on the outboard hardpoints.
Center hardpoint used for the electronics/guidance package.

MQ-1 Reaper only has 2 hardpoints and can carry a combo of 2 × AGM-114 Hellfire (Macer), 4 × AIM-92 Stinger or 6 × AGM-176 Griffin (Scalpels) on each one.

The Stealth UCAV aka the Northrop Grumman G X-47B doesnt even still list to the public what it can carry other then 4500lbs of ‘guided munitions’ and only has 2 internal bays with no external bays and does not support rail launched missiles (like a stinger). its suspected to carry the same as a MQ-9 only with more payload and no anti-air missiles possible.

none of them carry rocket pods, medium/long range missiles A2A or A2G or clusters… like a HAARM or LR anti-air. And none of them carry unguided munitions at all.

There are also there several other aircraft that have loadout issues where missiles are on one side but not the other…