Upcoming Zeus Update

I’ve been working here and there on the Zeus mission for the past 2 weeks, developing a new and smaller FOB and several other stuff. I want to make it a multi-purpose base that can be used for player staging, defense missions, checkpoint ops, or even players attacking the base. Right next to the base I built a shooting range complex with a shoot house and a “Ready to fill with enemy AI” military offices, so players can practice CQC scenarios. An armory was added to the shoot house and you can actually pick the weapons from the wall! Another nice feature, when you shoot a civilian target inside the course the server will warn you with a small alarm sound. Right now I am working on a timer that runs client-side. It starts when the player enters the shoot house, and stops and clears after he is done with the course. A few extra things were added and they’ll be kept a surprise until I finish working on the mission. I am posting some teaser screenshots, if you have any suggestions of what would you like to see or just feedback feel free to post it below. Most objects in the mission are set to simple objects with no stimulation, so don’t worry about server performance.



Looks pretty slick. Looking forward to giving that shoot house a try!

This is amazing work moon I cant wait

A base we can actually use for missions and or staging is going to be epic