User Control Panel

The User Control Panel (UCP) in the NAK Squad forums offers many settings. The UCP is accessed by clicking your profile name in the upper left.

The User Control Panel (UCP) allows you to alter personal preferences, manage posts you are watching, send and receive private messages, and change the way information about you appears to other users.

The UCP is separated into six tabs: Overview, Private Messages, Profile, Preferences, Friends and Foes, and Groups. Within each tab are several sub pages, accessed by clicking the desired link on the left side of the UCP interface.

The Overview displays a snapshot of information about your posting habits such as the date you joined the forum, your most active topic, and how many total posts you have submitted. Overview sub pages include Subscriptions, Bookmarks, and Drafts.

This section lets you set your profile information. Your profile information contains general information that other users on the board will able to see. Think of your profile as a sign of your public presence. This section is separated from your preferences. (Preferences are the individual settings that you set and manage on your own and control your forum experience. Thus, this is separated from your profile settings.)

Board Preferences
Board Preferences allow you to dictate various behaviors of the forums in regards to your interaction with it.

Private messages
Private messages is your NAK Mailbox, with inbox, outbox, compose PM and view drafts.

Membership can be managed through the Usergroups section of the UCP. This is where you can view the forum groups you belong to and where you can request joining groups like NAK Elite or NAK Donor if you have been invited to join.

Friends and Foes
Users can be marked as a FRIEND or a FOE in order to allow for filtering of their messages. Posts made by users on your Foe list will be hidden from view and posts from users on your Friend list will be highlighted.