Vehicle Addition Inquiry


I would like to request (even though you all have added a handful of wonderful vehicles) a look-see at adding the Jackal 2 gun trucks and its heavier variant, the Coyote. I understand that it would be ANOTHER thing to figure out with the implementation and access including the process of addition if accepted but with the influx of players running 3CB mods and equipment, I would like to say it would be a nice (may I say, diverse?) addition to implement into the server. And in other words, they just look absolutely smashing.

These vehicles would require that all players to have those mods, and we have chosen to run the Invade and Annex servers as vanilla to get the largest player base possible. We do run other servers, Exile, Wastelands (beta) and NAK Tac all of which use client mods to expands the content (vehicles) available.

Hey I have a suggestion for light and heavy tanks that I think would work great for the armor support. Drongo’s Active Protection System equips vehicles with APS or Active protection system that protects tanks and other light vehicles with an invisible shield. As noted from the author of the mod: “These systems allow vehicles to intercept incoming rockets, missiles and shells. When the APS triggers, it will also deploy smoke if the vehicle has smoke launchers and turn the turret to face the direction the shot came from. The systems have a minimum engagement range (30 meters for most systems).”
This mod is not immersive breaking and is a real concept used in current military vehicles. The author is constantly keeping up to date with the mod and it only requires CBA_A3 which is already used on the server. So its a no brainer to include this into the Altis server. So if you could consider the mod and it would definitely help the ground troops.

Again, we will not be using any server-side mods on Altis, but on Tanoa we have a script that performs the same function. In my opinion, the VPS is needed on Tanoa do to the dense forest, but on Altis, that is not the case. Players on the foot, do not get the advantage of a VPS or the armor of a tank for that matter. The whole point of the way we run Altis is to create a balance between air, ground, and vehicle assets. Adding a VPS would through off that balance.