Very minor bug - suppressor removal


I likely would never have found this except that I wanted to make noise to attract some of the AI closer. I generally equip with the EMR 7.62 rifle, and the standard sound suppressor. Today I tried dropping the suppressor off my weapon, and into the backpack. I made the adjustment, saw there was a suppressor in my backpack inventory, went back to shooting. Instead of a loud and proud 7.62 beast, I got the little suppressed cough. I found that odd, so I tried dropping the suppressor onto the ground. In the end I wound up with a puddle of a dozen or so suppressors, yet still had one on my rifle.

I took it as a sign and kept going. Of course by then a squad of infantry had spawned behind me and I was soon shot dead.

Did a little testing, and of course with 100% vanilla Arma3, the suppressor is removed and replaced as intended.

With the following mods enabled, I’m back to being unable to drop the suppressor off, and can quickly accumulate a pile of suppressors when I try to remove it:

The puddle of suppressors at my feet…

I guess I should clarify: with the mods active and the issue apparent, it’s not a server bug, it’s a mod bug.

Consider this more of a ‘head’s-up’ for folks who happen to use those mods that you may run into the inability to add/remove a suppressor.

Quick investigation shows the “Advanced Weapon Mounting Mod” ( Steam Workshop::Advanced Weapon Mounting ) hasn’t been updated in almost three years. REmoving it from my system and suggest it be removed from the allowed list of mods due to lack of update.