VileLoad Equalizer Mod not available in Steam


What happened to the VileLoad Equalizer Mod?

I logged in today and the mod is not loaded in my Arma 3 Mod List, I then checked Steam and it is not available,
following the link provided in the Approved Mod list returns an Error in Steam

Please bring it back! :frowning:
It is such a good mod!!!

Hello Mojo.hoho!

We are working on configuring some of the mods we have on steam and as part of the process, we had to take down some of them.
We will publish them back as soon as we can.


Hello Volcano,

Thanks for the fast reply, I will keep an eye on the list :slight_smile:


Hey, is there a rough update or estimate on when these might make a comeback? VileFPS Monitor is a godsend for Zeuses.

Still working on it. we are very busy at the moment and can not give you an estimate