Viper Squad En Excess

Currently, there is a large spawn pool for Viper squad. While I enjoy the challenge that Viper squad presents (increased armor, reaction times, accuracy and that nasty .50 caliber underbarrel) when they outnumber the average infantry group, they become very problematic in an unfun way. If Viper squad are in some way more effective outside of their equipment, then I recommend using custom loadouts on them to give them more modest gear. Default CSAT are pretty formidable, they can be fun to play against. If there is no difference between Viper/CSAT coding wise, just give CSAT Viper fatigues (Special Purpose Suit.) without the Viper body armor. The suit alone gives plenty of ballistic protection. Another thing, REMOVE CSAT/INDEPENDENT FATIGUES FROM THE VIRTUAL ARSENAL. The number of times players get friendly fired because someone decides they want to look cool in Viper gear is astronomical. Sometimes the friendly markers don’t show up, and that just increases the chances of friendly fire with CSAT/Ind gear on. I see no reason for it even being optional.

I was told that Viper squad numbers were increased to combat CAS, this is a silly concept. If you want to balance out CAS, you make CAS more difficult- FOR CAS. Viper makes it difficult for everyone except CAS and tanks. It’s not hard to spot them in thermal, slightly harder if anything. AA is a good example, or even restricting the rearm/refuel times, making dynamic combat loads less overpowered (restrict # of clusters, GBU, force use of rockets/unguided) or make it so CAS can only be utilized when requested. CAS is out of control, when every aircraft is in the air there is virtually nothing for the infantry to do except “mop up” the few Viper that the jets missed. That’s not fun gameplay, for anyone except the CAS. Not only that, but CAS often has little to no regard for infantry. They will gladly drop a GBU 50 meters infront of you, without it being requested.

TL;DR: Viper is intentionally overpowered. They are reproducing at excessive rates. The population needs to be reduced, because they overwhelm infantry in an unfun way. Hordes of OPFOR infantry is fun, and when they lay down suppressive fire and pin you inside of a building it is wonderful, but getting 1 shot by 20 Viper infantrymen that are pushing into your complex ISN’T. Not only that but their armor makes them very difficult to put down quick enough to keep them from snapping onto you and firing that one fateful .50 BMG.

As a player of some experience, I find the increased Viper presence adds considerable challenge to what, at this point for me, would otherwise be a fairly droll experience. The only problem I have with them - and perhaps with the AI in general, is that they are so quick to respond and so accurate that the sense of realism is greatly diminished, or even destroyed.

The old issue of “you-can’t-see-them-but-they-can-see-you” is further exasperated. But perhaps even worse is that if you expose a tiny fraction of yourself - even at a great distance - within what would seem to be effective cover, you are instantly picked off. This all works to make any sense of care and tactical planning evaporate. It is, to me, the primary reason ARMA fails so drastically in the realism department. Noobs must be pulling their hair out when they find it impossible to achieve almost anything…or even just to stay alive.

I spawn into a fresh AO and all there is is Viper, maybe a few CSAT standards with Katiba, and like one or two Syndikat guys with AKM. The only time I don’t see an excess of Viper is when I go to a Side Objective, those are primarily Syndikat/CSAT standards. I don’t want to wear Viper special armor or the ridiculous heavy armors just to avoid getting 1 taped because my foot is barely sticking out and a Viper squad sees me from 200 meters away through the side of a bush.

In regards to that, I’ll just leave this here. (It’s a quote from one of my own suggestions made on another topic, but it will be actual and proper here.)

Personally, as an infantry player 95% of my time, I think the amount of Vipers brings a great level of challenge, and really promotes team play on the ground. I can’t speak to the pilot issues with them, but I can say that if you play alone, the Vipers cans be more than a challenge for infantry, almost “rage quit” frustrating maybe for noobs. That being said, squad play is more necessary, as it should be…