Visual moving IEDs

I thinking of making a mission where the infantry are working a checkpoint, and was wondering if there was a way to make a car have a visual IED attached to it. I know you can turn a vehicle into a bomb using the IED module, but to my knowledge, there is no physical object on the car. Is there a way to change this or attach something to the vehicle without it imploding in typical arma fashion

Edit sorry did not read the post well enough - answer coming

So the way you need to do it is, disable simulation on both parts, the vehicle, and the bomb. Then move the objects where you want then enable simulation on the vehicle. Leave the bomb simulation disabled, and use the IED module to place the actual IED on the vehicle.

The other way is to use the Achilles attachTo module, but for that, you will need to play around, I have not done it in a long time and do not remember the exact steps.

Not a great video but it will give you a general idea.