(vurtual's fork) Advanced Urban Rappelling - Restricted



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Mod Name:
(vurtual’s fork) Advanced Urban Rappelling

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Reason to add or remove mod:
This mod is just like the advanced rappelling mod requested by many but it does not require ACE. It is also listed as being NOT server-side mod

Restricted - Server-side mod - Server-side mods need to be added to the server, all players would need the mod loaded to join.

Additional Note:
In the mod description it does say “This one will not work as a serverside only mod, as it adds items to the game.”. What this mean is that it won’t work as just a mod that you set up on the server but you’ll have to set it up on clients as well, as it adds items to the game. With the other advanced urban rappelling mod you have to set it up on the server only, but this mod requires server and client side implementation.