Wanted to get community feedback for a mission I'm planning

Planning on doing a mission that would involve separating everyone into two groups, with three objectives each. The first one to complete all three objectives would “win” the mission. This is a continuation of a story I’ve been running and if the Cartel side wins the story will be change than if NATO wins. Losing the mission will only effect the epilogue of the story. You will not be fighting against other players you’ll just be trying to complete an objective before them. If player feedback is good for a mission like this I’ll run it, if not I’ll change the story around.

I like the concept of the mission and watched one unfold not that long ago, the main feedback from the players was regarding the clarity of the rules and win conditions

My tip would be to keep the objectives simple and the execution as straight forward as possible, avoid objectives like clearing a city and try to make it material based, like finding a piece of Intel or stealing a car.